10 Essential Baking Tools for beginners that you need in your kitchen!

If you have recently found your love for baking and want to explore the world of baking more then this list of essential baking equipment for beginners is perfect for you. If you are not sure what equipment or tools you need to make a variety of delicious baked goods and are perhaps feeling overwhelmed by all the choices available then read on to find out what I use in my kitchen and I recommend! There are a lot of tools that are great to have when baking, but it isn’t necessary to spend tons of money if you’re just starting out.

These are my Top 10 baking tools that I can’t do without in my kitchen.

Food Scale – I learnt this very early on in my baking journey. A lot of recipes use gram measurements as they are more accurate, especially if you dream about making French Macarons one day. I highly recommend a digital scale as it is so much more accurate to weigh your ingredients than to only use cup measurements. A scale also makes baking quicker and easier as you can place one mixing bowl on top and keep adding the ingredients, without having to use separate bowls and making a great big mess! You definitely don’t need a fancy one and any brand digital scale will do, such as this one here.

Mixer – this can be a handheld electric beater or a stand mixer, but I promise you that your arms will thank me! These mixers are a life saver when it comes to recipes that require beating or whisking of ingredients for up to 5 to 10 minutes. A simple buttercream, for example, needs a lot of beating and is impossible to make correctly without an electric mixer. You can start with a less expensive, store brand mixer and when you have the confidence and experience, you can upgrade to a fancier machine. It is really not necessary to have the best machine when you are first starting out. I personally started out with a cheap electric mixer from a local store and recently upgraded to a beautiful Kenwood KMix. These machines are fantastic as you can make so many things with it, from cupcakes to bread.

Baking tins – This includes cake tins, loaf tins and muffin tins and can also be personal choice, but I have found that metal baking tins are the best type to use and to save money right from the start, don’t bother buying silicone baking tins. Silicone molds are great for recipes that require refrigeration, but I don’t enjoy using them for oven baked goods. There isn’t a big price difference between silicone and metal tins, but if you decide to buy silicone first, I can assure you that you will end up going for the metal tins after a while. They conduct heat much better and last longer. I love these metal cake tins, this loaf tin and these cupcake/muffin tins for cakes, banana bread and muffin recipes.

Spatulas – I have quite the collection of spatulas in my kitchen and they range from not very expensive to a bit more expensive. As with the mixers, you can start off with some very basic spatula’s and as you bake more and more, you can discover what type of spatula you prefer. Such as, wooden handle or plastic, large spatula or smaller, firmer or softer. There are many out there so it’s great to try out a few as you go and then stick to the ones you like best. I recommend a medium to firm silicone spatula such as these Wilton Spatula’s.

Whisks – you can pick up a whisk anywhere, but personally I don’t like the ones that collect water in the handle when washed, because there are spaces around the metal where the water can get in and they eventually rust or while you are whisking ingredients the water is trickling out and spoiling your dishes. I also like having 2 different ones, so a normal metal one and a silicone one for those pots that you don’t want to scratch. This metal OXO Whisk and silicone OXO Whisk is my favorite here.

Mixing bowls – these are another very personal choice, but again I recommend having a variety, such as different materials and sizes. I really like having about 2 small glass and 2 small metal bowls and then 1 large glass and 1 large metal bowl. This should be enough for most recipes. I use these stainless steel mixing bowls and these glass bowls available on amazon.

Sieve – If you’re into baking cakes, cupcakes and making frostings, then you definitely need a sieve. There are many to choose from, but I prefer to stick to one kind and that is the metal sieve with metal handle. The ones that you have to pull the handle to turn the arms at the bottom are a huge waste of time. The ingredients get stuck in the bottom and eventually blocks the little arms from doing their job, so don’t even bother with these. This set of sieves is all you need and they come in 3 sizes and are really affordable.

Measuring Cups & spoons – these are one essential that you definitely cannot go without! There are so, so many different ones to choose from, but I would suggest a matching set that are durable and will last. Such as these cups and these spoons. Plain and simple, yet long lasting.

Baking paper – I think I use baking (parchment) paper for almost everything that I bake. From cakes, to bread, to cookies, you need a couple of rolls of these in your kitchen. I usually buy some from the store or you can get some Baking Paper here on amazon.

Piping bags & tips – I saved the best for last!! I cannot go without some disposable piping bags and piping tips in my kitchen. I am still collecting piping tips and they’re always exciting to play around with and find which ones you like best, but I started with this Wilton’s Piping Kit for beginners to get going and built up a collection from there.

I really hope that you find this article helpful and that you enjoy your baking journey with all these exciting tools!

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