Get to know Gen

Hi Bakers, firstly, thank you for visiting my baking blog! I appreciate each and every visit, comment, post like or share and I sincerely hope that you enjoy making these recipes as much as I have!

So, my name’s Gen (short for Genevieve – very french, I know and fitting as I currently live in France), but hardly anyone calls me by my full name. I am South African by birth and lived in South Africa until I was about 24 years old. I moved to France in 2011 with my now husband and we have been living here ever since. I now have a little boy who makes my heart beat and a lot of my baking is to see the happiness on my family’s faces.

I am currently a home baker and self-taught, I’ve never had any training, so a lot of trial and error. But I have such a passion for baking that I hope to someday turn it into a full time profession. My favorite desserts to bake would have to be French Macarons and Cupcakes. I am obsessed with perfecting macarons and I love piping buttercream onto cupcakes.

I am of course a chocolate lover , so anything with chocolate is good for me and I prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate. I would love to connect on Instagram or Facebook and get to know you too!

Ermine Buttercream (Cooked Flour Frosting)

Learn how to make cooked flour frosting with this easy to follow tutorial. This vanilla ermine frosting is so velvety that it melts in your mouth! You can easily make this at home in your… More

Top Tips for making Macarons

If you’re thinking about making macarons, then you are in the right place, because these are my top tips for making great macarons every time.

choc cake


Everyone needs a good Chocolate Cake Recipe that they turn to when needed. This is mine and I love it because there is no fuss when making this recipe. This recipe is exactly the same as a Vanilla Cake Recipe, but all you need to do is change out some of the cake flour for cocoa powder.

10 Essential Baking Tools for beginners that you need in your kitchen!

If you have recently found your love for baking and want to explore the world of baking more than this list of essential baking equipment for beginners is perfect for you. If you are not sure what equipment or tools you need to make a variety of delicious baked goods and are perhaps feeling overwhelmed by all the choices available then read on to find out what I use in my kitchen and I recommend!

vanilla cake


A delicate, sponge cake that can be made to suit your taste buds! Add vanilla or another flavoring and top with any frosting of your choice! This really is a universal recipe that you can bake anytime and for any occasion.

cinnamon rolls bake with gen


If you’re looking for an easy, soft and fluffy dough recipe, look no further! I have it right here for you! This dough recipe can be made in a stand mixer with the dough hook attachment and doesn’t need to be kneaded. You can make cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls or bread out of this recipe.